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Asian Year-End:INDIA BRINGS CHEERS TO WORLD, by hivaji Sarkar, 26 December 2009 6219
Prices, Poverty & Growth:STOP JUGGLERY OF FIGURES,by Shivaji Sarkar,21 December 2009 6387
India At Copenhagen:NEEDLESS, UNREALISTIC COMMITMENT, by Shivaji Sarkar,12 December 2009 6320
Dubai World Crisis:CASTS SHADOW OVER INDIA, by Shivaji Sarkar, 4 December 2009 7773
Rich, Bad & Ugly:TIME TO EMPOWER WORKERS, by Shivaji Sarkar, 27 November 2009 6422
High Food Prices:NO MONEY LEFT FOR GOODIES, by Shivaji Sarkar,20 November 2009 6343
World Eyes India:KEY TO GLOBAL RECOVERY, by Shivaji Sarkar,11 November 2009 6326
Man-Made Disasters:TAKE PRECUTIONS, SAVE A FORTUNE, by Shivaji Sarkar,6 November 2009 6451
Recovery Fragile:RBI PREPARES FOR MORE SHOCKS, by Shivaji Sarkar, 30 October 2009 6612
Monthly Price Index:HIGHLY COSTLY FOR ECONOMY, by Shivaji Sarkar,24 October 2009 6406
Unrealistic Forbes List:MORE PSUs SHOULD FIGURE, by Shivaji Sarkar,19 October 2009 6365
Indiaís Whirlpool Economy:PLENTY RESOURCES, NO STRATEGY, by Shivaji Sarkar, 25 September 2009 6472
TNCs Role In Third World:WILL INDIA FOLLOW LATIN AMERICA?, by Shivaji Sarkar,19 September 2009 6410
Ambani Brothersí Row:LETíS STOP GAS-SING AROUND, by Shivaji Sarkar,v 6412
Of Drought & Inflation:CAN TH E NATION BE OPTIMISTC?, by Shivaji Sarkar,4 September 2009 6332
New Tax Or Extortion?:LEAVE RETIREMENT BENEFITS ALONE, by Shivaji Sarkar,28 August 2009 6417
New Tax Code:DUMP IT, REDRAFT ANOTHER, by Shivaji Sarkar,21 August 2009 6407
Food Insecurity:POLICY & NOT MONSOON FAILURE, by Shivaji Sarkar,13 August 2009 6407
Food Insecurity:POLICY & NOT MONSOON FAILURE, by Shivaji Sarkar,13 August 2009 6399
Bank Employees Blackmail:NPA BUCK STOPS AT STAFF DOOR, by Shivaji Sarkar, 7 August 2009 7992
US Political Jugglery:STEMMING INDIAíS ECONOMIC GROWTH, by Shivaji Sarkar,24 July 2009 6301
Aviation Sector Misdeeds:CRASH LANDING IMMINENT, by Shivaji Sarkar,17 July 2009 6354
Aam Budget Review:TOO MANY TARGETS, NO SOLUTION, by Shivaji Sarkar, 9 July, 09 6546
Mamataís Kolkata Budget:MIX OF SPARK & BUREAUCRATIC TRAP, by Shivaji Sarkar,4 July 2009 6294
Attention Finance Minister:Attention Finance Minister,Shivaji Sarkar,25 June 2009 5854
Beginning Of Difficult Era:FM ENCOUNTERS HURDLES, by Shivaji Sarkar,12 June 2009 5730
Contradictory Signals:ECONOMY NOT ROBUST, by Shivaji Sarkar,5 June 2009 5599
Agenda For FM:TIME TO PUT BANKS ON LEASH, by Shivaji Sarkar,30 May 2009 5484
Stock Market Surge:DONíT BE FOOLED, BE CAUTIOUS, by Shivaji Sarkar,23 May 2009 5591
Regenerating Economy:NEW GOVTíS DAUNTING CHALLENGES, by Shivaji Sarkar, 15 May 2009 5416
Obamaís Bangalore Offensive:PUNISHES INDIA, REWARDS PAKISTAN,Shivaji Sarkar,8 May 2009 5817
All-Inclusive Growth:REAL ECONOMIC ISSUES ELUDE POLLS, by Shivaji Sarkar,1 May 2009 5484
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Pact:WAR AGAINST PIRATED WORKS, by Dr P K Vasudeva, 24 April 2009 5461
What Black Money?:CHANGE TAX SYSTEM, MINDSET, by Shivaji Sarkar,17 April 2009 5393
G8 Warns Of Food Crisis:WHAT INDIA DIDNíT DO AT G20, by Shivaji Sarkar,9 April 2009 5315
Schools, Colleges Fee Hike:NOW ITíS EDUCATION DEBT TRAP, by Shivaji Sarkar,2 April 2009 5421
Crores Spent On Elections:COMMON MAN A BENEFICIARY, by Shivaji Sarkar, 27 March 2009 5335
Globalization & Meltdown:DRUGS, GUN-RUNNING TRADE ON RISE, by Shivaji Sarkar, 19 March 2009 5398
Jobs On Chopping Block:SHIFT TO LABOUR-INTENSIVE INDUSTRY, by Dhurjati Mukherjee,13 March 2009 5495
Railway Freight Corridor:LALUíS SHOWMANSHIP OF TRACK, by Shivaji Sarkar,5 March 2009 5448
Selling Indiaís Poor:TRULY REMAIN DOGS BEYOND SLUMS, by Shivaji Sarkar, 27 February 2009 5484
Union Budget Blues:NEW GOVERNMENTíS HEADACHE , by Shivaji Sarkar,21 February 2009 5679
Laluís Rail Budget:ACCOUNTING JUGGLERY & AMBIGUITY, by Shivaji Sarkar,14 February 2009 5372
Economic Slowdown?:FIRMS RAKE IT IN, WORKERS LOSE OUT, by Shivaji Sarkar, 5 February 2009 5395
2009 Projections Worse:DEFLATION IS ROUND THE CORNER, by Shivaji Sarkar, 30 January 2009 5392
New Companies Bill:NECESSARY, BUT LETíS NOT RUSH,by Shivaji Sarkar, 23 January 2009 5337
Satyam: The Fraud Unravels:BANKS, AUDITORS, ET AL STAND EXPOSED, by Shivaji Sarkar,16 January 2009 5287
Economic Package-II:ELECTORAL MOVE, WONíT PEP UP DEMAND, by Shivaji Sarkar,9 January 2009 5306
Of Job Losses & Food Prices:HOW ABOUT A PACKAGE FOR THE POOR?, by Shivaji Sarkar,2 January 2009 5160
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