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2010 Diplomatic Footprints:LAUNCH PAD FOR MORE TIES, by Monish Tourangbam, 28 December 2010 6964
Medvedev’s Visit: RUSSIA-INDIA BHAI-BHAI, by Monish Tourangbam,23 December 2010 7029
11th EU-India Summit:INDIA’s RISING STATURE, by Monish Tourangbam, 14 December 2010 6977
Sarkozy’s Visit:SEALING BROAD-BASED TIES,Monish Tourangbam, 8 December 2010 7053
Krishna’s Sri Lanka Visit:PRO-ACTIVE FOREIGN POLICY VITAL, by Monish Tourangbam, 30 November 2010 7074
Afghan Quagmire:STRETCHING NATO THIN, by Monish Tourangbam,23 November 2010 7163
Second Obama-Singh Summit:LITMUS TEST OF STRATEGIC TIES, by Dr. Chintamani Mahapatra,10 November 201 7277
PM’s East Asia Tour:EXPANDING FOOTPRINTS IN REGION, by Monish Tourangbam,2 November 2010 8129
US-Pak Talks:NEED TO AUDIT AID, by Monish Tourangbam, 26 October 2010 7008
India-Russia Ties:TYING LOOSE ENDS, by Monish Tourangbam, 19 October 2010 7419
India-EU Relations:FORGING MULTI-LATERALISM, by By Monish Tourangbam,12 October 2010 7339
Pak-India Spat At UN:TIME FOR ISLAMABAD TO MATURE, by Monish Tourangbam,5 October 2010 7137
Preparing For Obama’s Visit:IRONING OUT INDO- US IRRITANTS, by Monish Tourangbam,28 September 201 6891
President’s Laos-Cambodia Visit:EXPANDING RELATIONS IN E-ASIA,by Monish Tourangbam,21 Sept, 2010 7043
India- Sri Lanka Ties:ONUS ON RAJAPAKSIIA TO DELIVER, by Monish Tourangbam 7099
Antony’s S Korea Visit:WIN-WIN SCENARIO FOR BOTH, by Monish Tourangbam, 7 Sept, 2010 6976
Sino-Indian Ties:ALL IS NOT WELL, by Monish Tourangbam,31 August 2010 7086
India-Japan Talks:STRIVING FOR COMMON N- PACT, by Monish Tourangbam,25 August 2010 6988
Indo-US Ties:LOOMING SHADOWS, by Monish Tourangbam, 17 August, 2010 7337
Political Infighting In Nepal:NEW DELHI NEEDS TO BE CAUTIOUS, by Monish Tourangbam, 10 August, 2010 6939
Cameron’s India Mission :REASSESSING INDO-UK TIES, by Monish Tourangbam,3 August 2010 7186
Cameron’s India Mission:REASSESSING INDO-UK TIES, by Monish Tourangbam,3 August 2010 6784
The Afghan Quagmire:ANOTHER MEET, ANOTHER TIMELINE, by Monish Tourangbam,27 July 2010 6959
India-Pakistan Talks:LONG DIFFICULT TERRAIN, by Monish Tourangbam,21 July 2010 6795
India-China Relation:NEED TO BUILD ON NEW TRACTION, by Monish Tourangbam, 13 Jul, 2010 6479
Nuclear Energy Strides:All want piece of Indian Pie, by Monish Tourangbam,6 July 2010 6165
India-Pakistan Talks:BULLS-EYE ON TERROR, by Monish Tourangbam,29 June 2010 6246
Krishna’s S Korea Visit:INDIA EXPANDS HORIZONS, by Monish Tourangbam, 24 June 2010 6107
India-Lanka Ties:BUILDING NATIONAL RECONCILIATION, by Monish Tourangbam,15 June 2010 5936
Patil’s China Visit:IN SEARCH OF CONVERGING INTERESTS, by Monish Tourangbam,1 June 2010 6032
UPA-II 1st Year:FEW MAJOR DIPLOMATIC FOOTPRINTS, by Monish Tourangbam,28 May 2010 7647
Iran N-Swap Deal:REBUFF TO US, ECLIPSES G-15 MEET, by Monish Tourangbam, 19 May 2010 5897
Shahzad’s Plot:NEW FACET TO US-PAK TIES, by Monish Tourangbam, 11 May 2010 5930
Singh-Gilani Meet :SAARC SUMMIT OVERSHADOWED, by Monish Tourangbam,4 May 2010 6016
Delhi Stopover:KARZAI INDIA’S BEST BET, by Monish Tourangbam, 28 April 2010 6051
PM At N-Summits :INDIA ON A BALANCING ACT, by Monish Tourangbam, 20 April 2010 5597
PM At N-Summits :INDIA ON A BALANCING ACT, by Monish Tourangbam, 20 April 2010 6033
Krishna’s China Visit:MERE RHETORIC, NO ACTION,by Monish Tourangbam, 13 April 2010 6028
Iran-Pak-India Pipeline:DELHI NOT TO MAKE HASTY MOVE, by Monish Tourangbam, 6 April 2010 5826
US-Pak Talks: ALARMING, BUT LET’S NOT PANIC, by Monish Tourangbam,30 March 2010 5950
US-Israel Ties:HICCUPS IN HONEYMOON?, by Monish Tourangbam,25 March 2010 6541
Putin’s Visit:DIVERSIFYING INDIA-RUSSIA TIES,by Monish Tourangbam,17 March 2010 5807
Rao’s Lanka Visit:TIMELY, LENDS A HAND,by Monish Tourangbam,9 March 2010 5942
PM’s Saudi Visit:EXPANDING HORIZONS, OILING TIES,by Monish Tourangbam,3 March 2010 5808
Dalai Lama’s Visit:US-CHINA TIES UNAFFECTED,by Monish Tourangbam,23 February 2010 5756
India-Pakistan Talks:BATTLE IT OUT ON TABLE, NOT BORDER, by Monish Tourangbam,16 February 2010 5656
Rajapaksa Victory:TIME TO WIN PEACE, RECONCILIATION,by Monish Tourangbam,2 February 2010 5668
US Defence Secy’s Visit:CONFIDENCE-BUILDING MISSION,by Monish Tourangbam,27 January 2010 5724
Sheikh Hasina’s Visit:MENDING INDIA-BANGLADESH TIES, by onish Tourangbam, 20 January 2010 5847
Ansari’s Tri-Nation Visit:REVIVING INDIA’S AFRICA POLICY, by Monish Tourangbam,12 January 2010 5772
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