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Press & Advertisers Year Book


 It is the only publication of its kind on advertising, media planning, press, sales, promotion and publicity. The year book is informative, exhaustive, concise and a vital tool for those who are engaged in advertising and selling. This ready reckoner, popularly known as ‘The Red Book’, brings to you all the relevant information about:

  • Publications in India – Local, Regional, and National - their circulation, editions, contact information;
  • Current applicable Advertising Rates in both print and visual media, and their cost analysis   
  • Census figures
  • ABC figures
  • Accredited and leading Journalists

This comprehensive handbook is a trusted name for key decision makers in large and small organizations and is a key to the secrets of successful medial planning. It contains useful data for Media Planners, Corporate Communication Managers and PR consultants, eliminating the need for referring to numerous publications.

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